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Paradise Farm's CSA Member Agreement for 2020 - 2021

The staff at Paradise Farms wish to provide you with fresh, local, food and you, the member, wish to receive a portion of our harvest. This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship.

1.  Introducing the CSA

A.  Becoming a Part of Our Farm

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and you as our customer. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of this CSA farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest. 

Our CSA runs for 31 weeks, from October 1,2020 to April 30,2021.  Members are responsible for picking up their shares in a timely manner. You will generally receive 7-10 items of produce per full share, but this may vary based on availability.  Detailed information regarding pick-up is discussed below in Section 3. Variety and quantity may vary as described below in Section 2.

B.  Our Growing Practices

Paradise Farms is a USDA GAP certified farm that grows both traditionally and hydroponically.  Paradise Farm's CSA is managed by professionals who have been trained in organic growing practices, and will be responsible for securing commitments from each of our contributing producers that these production guidelines are being followed; in order to ensure that your products are as safe, healthy, local and environmentally friendly as possible.  We are very happy to answer any questions that you might have about our growing sourcing guidelines here at Paradise Farm's CSA.

C.  The Products We Expect for 2020

The list below outlines some of the farm products we hope to deliver each week in your share. This list is our best estimate of availability from this year’s crop schedule, but of course weather, pests, and other events will affect actual production.

Lettuce, Scallions,  Kale, Radishes, Broccoli, Green Beans, Turnip , Cucumbers, Spinach, Tomatoes, Green Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Beets, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Squash, Zucchini, Sprouts, Micro-greens, Thyme, Oregano, Garlic, Peppers, Eggplant, Basil, Dill, Parsley, Garlic chives, Chives, Cilantro, Okra, Oyster Mushrooms, Lions mane Mushrooms, and value added products such as Jams, Jellys, Baked goods, Soaps and Lotions.

 2.  Our Shared Commitments

A.  Sharing in the Risk of Crop Failure

We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week.  The quantity of local produce, however, may vary from week-to-week due to extreme weather, insects, or other production factors despite our best efforts.  By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and other members. In the unlikely event of a crop failure, our procedure is as follows:

  • If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate for the failed crops by filling your share with other crops that are ready for harvest at that time. 

  • If a large or complete portion of crops fail due to unforeseen circumstances, we may not be able to deliver any product in some weeks, although that is a very unlikely event.

B.  Sharing in the Reward of Crop Surplus

In addition to our CSA, our farm sells at farmers markets, restaurants, etc.   Although production is not segregated, our CSA receives priority. After filling our CSA share with the week’s harvest first, the remainder is sold to our other markets.  If the harvests are particularly bountiful, your CSA share may receive additional produce at no additional cost.

3.  Picking Up Shares

A. Pick up Site

You are responsible for picking up your share each week from Paradise Farms: 

132 Perkins Ave

Dunbar, WV 25064


Thursday and Friday


8:00am to 3:00 pm


You are responsible for observing our pick up site rules, which are as follows:

1.Pick-up your share within the time frame stated. Although we sell high-quality produce at Paradise Farms, it will decline quickly if not picked up as soon as possible, especially fresh herbs, lettuce, etc.

2.Be respectful of our property.

3.Follow additional rules posted regarding parking, etc.

If you cannot pick-up your share, you must arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. If you are on vacation or out of town, feel free to “gift” your share to a friend – just have them let us know when they come to pick it up. You are responsible for explaining the pick-up location and procedures to your substitute.

*We take the safety of your food seriously.  For your added protection, wash all produce before eating.

Section 4.  Member Fees


B. Payment Options

After you submit the Membership Application Form, you may choose to submit payment from the following payment options.  By submitting a membership application from, you are agreeing to pay the membership option you selected and adhere to the terms of this agreement. 

 The following will be your payment options:

        I.            If you chose to pay the entire season’s membership fee upfront, you may:

a.       Send us a check for your total amount due; or

b.       Pay via Paradise Farms web page here ().

      II.            If you chose to pay the membership fee in installments, please mail or deliver 7 checks (pre)dated:

October 1, 2020

November 1, 2020

December 1, 2020

January 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

March 1, 2021

April 1, 2021

Make all checks payable to Paradise Farms.  Checks will be deposited on the dates mentioned above. 

Mail the check to KISRA/ Paradise Farms at 131 Perkins Ave, Dunbar, WV 25064.  

No refunds will be issued after October 30, 2020 .


Section 5.  Communicating with Us

The best way to communicate with us is via email:, but please feel free to contact us via phone if you have any time-sensitive issues: (304) 395-6675. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please understand that we spend a great deal of time outside growing your food, and not at our desk. Please contact us with any news of the following: changes to your postal or email address, changes to your drop-site location, problems with your drop-site, or dissatisfaction with your share.

When you sign up, you will be added to our distribution list. Please read your email from us. We depend on being able to communicate important information such as necessary changes to your distribution schedule or to our farm events. Every week we will email you with information about the crops available that week, recipe ideas, or other farm related news.

By filling out the Membership Application Form, you agree to purchase the membership share you indicate. Please note that, although unlikely, the farm may change parts of this agreement related to production and distribution from time to time. We will contact you via email in advance of any changes to this agreement.

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