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Paradise Farms was established in 2012 is one component of KISRA’s Growing Jobs Project. The Growing Jobs Project is a fresh, new way in which KISRA is making a positive difference in our community. It’s a farm-to-table program that, in addition to job creation, is encouraging entrepreneurship, and giving people access to fresh, locally grown produce for a healthier lifestyle. 

131 Perkins Avenue, Dunbar WV 25064  |  304.768.8924  |

Vegetable Basket

Paradise Farms offers farm fresh produce for wholesale or to retail customers.

Image by Elaine Casap

Through KISRA’s Paradise Farms, vulnerable fathers and mothers receive training and employment opportunities while communities gain access to local, fresh and healthy food. 

Shoutout to Michael Jones, Team KISRA and Paradise Farms on having some of the best greens around. The pic on the left is the kale salad I made for Thanksgiving in Brooklyn. It’s now my family’s favorite salad. The pic on the right shows some of the best Swiss chard I’ve ever it right now. 
Michelle Mickle Foster

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